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  1. Also http://ucdsoccer.com has the same Safari message
  2. Thanks for getting back to me @1PW. Please see above answers to your questions. Source of suspicious URL's - https://db.aa419.org/fakebankslist.php
  3. Just to be clear this is happening on all sites not just the one listed above. I also note the above site has now been whitelisted.
  4. Hi, Just downloaded Browser Guard for Mac and tried to visit a site that I know was blocked however, I didn't get a Malwarebytes splash screen prompting me to navigate away from the site. Anyone have any ideas why this might be doing this? Thanks in advance.
  5. I have been suspecting an issue with Browser Guard on my Mac not working. Visited www.ferrobackup.com to see if it would block the site bit I didn't get any prompts just the page could not be visited. Any ideas?
  6. @alvarnell That's helpful to know regarding setting up two different AV programs and the potential complications. It certainly sounds like our needs are somewhat different from the average Mac user as you say. To be honest I am not going to get rid of Malwarebytes as I like that it is lightweight, easy to use and doesn't really bother me. On the other hand I would like it to be like a rabid dog on steroids when I need / want it to. Seems like there might be some development on functionality in the next couple of years so I'll just be mindful for now. Appreciate your comments.
  7. @treed - Thank you for your response. I appreciate your comments about Mac AV's being ports of Windows based clients. I think this is cultural thing where most users are expecting to see a quick scan & a full scan option. As an end user who uses both Mac and Windows machines, I think it would be really useful to have the application conduct full scans and detecting windows based malware. Using an external HDD, it would be nice to feel safe that two different machines are on the look out if you know what I mean. Of course flexibility is key, something that is really annoying for end users is not having the ability to turn features off and one based on preferences. Likewise when it comes to turning off features, it's rather frustrating when say you disable a browser extension an the application just wants to display a big red X and say constantly you are not safe because you have not got every single option turned on. To be honest I went with Malwarebytes based on online reviews and comment from Apple support directly, largely I have found it been great and lightweight but it doesn't sit right with me (paranoid) that I am not able to do full scans for piece of mind. Do you think in the future you will offer drag and drop file scanning, full scans, quick scans? It would also be nice to see some stats around what is happening in the AV world such as: https://cybermap.kaspersky.com/
  8. Shame. I find it hard to comprehend how a product can be so different on one platform to another. i.e Windows vs Mac. I think I will be looking for another AV.
  9. It would be great if Malwarebytes could do specific files / folder scans, deep scans and quick scans. I find every other AV program apart from Malwarebytes offers this functionaily. Is this on the roadmap to develop?
  10. @CoopJust out of interest did you manage to install Malwarebytes and did you find any malware?
  11. Apologies, large companies in the UK have 0800 numbers they are pretty standard for any large enterprise. Looks like the US has toll free numbers in the same format. That makes sense now. I will try again US time.
  12. That's the number I called and form I filled out. No I'm not calling US time. I would have thought being a UK number it would operate at UK times unless otherwise specified.
  13. I have raised a ticket and it's been 7 days without any response. I would like to talk to someone about business purchase over the phone without having to initially raise a ticket.
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