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  1. I don't have access to that computer right now. I wasn't concerned about the false positives, as I'm sure those will get worked out as the enhancements to MSOffice protection is tweaked. I just wanted to know how to disable that check. Do you still need logs for that? If you do, I can try to get access later this week.
  2. I'm getting false positives from the latest version of MSAB with Microsoft Office using the "Add In Tools" menu system. It shows the generic threat and says the technique was "exploit code running from heap memory blocked". I tried disabling the various MSOffice exploit protections under "Advanced Memory Protection" but that did not correct my issue. The only way to get MSOffice to be stable was to use "Manage Protected Applications" and turn off "Office Excel", "Office Word", etc. I didn't really want to turn off everything for Office. How can I disable MSAB from doing just the heap memory check for MSOffice applications? thanks
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