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  1. I must get back to you later.... I am very busy @work and 6 days from home...
  2. all the scans were good!! thanks for your help! i also did a full scan it was finished in 10 min! no problems detected! I will have a set of safer practices for you, plus tips on beefing up the security on all web browsers. i am exited and wait for you!
  3. Tell me, did you manage to merge the wuauserv.reg file ? yes it is fixed
  4. o i am sorry i never was here before or in a forum, i thought i do it good. i am so sorry. i will scan now
  5. ok the problem with the trash icon is solved, the kb update is installed i checked it good. what next?
  6. The scan is complete. and here is the file you asked for. msert.log
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