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  1. Deactivated, startup seems to be a premium option so it wouldn't start on it's on either way.
  2. Thank you! I already set MB to not start with windows, do the settings change for some reason when the trial is over?
  3. Just the free version on the premium trial, I did a quick scan and exited the application until next time.
  4. I only plan on using Malwarebytes to scan for any viruses in case I stumble upon any shady websites by accident, so I don't want it to be taking up any resources unless I need it. I have it installed and removed it from the security action center but I'm just curious if there's anything that comes with the program that might use up resources/slow down the computer even when it's not running. Additionally I'd like to know if anyone knows if there's generally no possibility of getting a virus from a redirected website if you can easily exit the tab and did not interact with the website.
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