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  1. Hi, I have a GTranslate plugin activated on 2 of my WordPress sites where in a dropdown it should show the flags of different countries and when each flag is clicked on the language should change accordingly. Looking at these sites through either Firefox or Edge they work. Yet looking at it through Chrome these things aren't working. Everyone else I know has told me that the flags and languages are showing for them, which ever browser they use. So with Chrome, this plugin is failing on both of my sites. Please see what I'm talking about at www.mycorner.online and www.thepeopleproject.org.uk I've been in touch with my Host Providers and my ISP, who both say it's a caching problem on my machine or browser and that they can't fix it. So, the last thing I can think of is that my security wall might have something to do with this. I've added the site name to my 'Allow List' and it's making no differece, however I'm wondering if anybody knows of anything else I can do to rectify the problem? Any help/advice will be much appreciated, thank you.
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