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  1. Thank you, AdvancdSetup and redwolfe_98.
  2. Do you know of any better browsers that are compatible with Sandboxie or any other sandboxing software? Because I can't use Firefox with Sandboxie.
  3. https://www.forbes.com/sites/zakdoffman/2021/08/28/stop-using-google-chrome-on-windows-10-android-and-apple-iphones-ipads-and-macs/
  4. No threats detected. Also, I think that this was suggested to me because of the problem that I'm having with Windows Dynamic lock with it continuously unlocking. Plus, I just tried to scan for my pair device(my phone), but once again it's saying that my paired device cannot be found.
  5. Actually, I just looked at my gmail information and I never was synced in the first place. However, I did clear my history and I'm running a scan right now. So I'll know in a little bit if anything is different from my first scan.
  6. Well, I use Google Chrome on my mobile phone because they've made it very convenient to sign up for this and use apps and to save contacts and other information, etc. So I don't know if there's any other company or web browser that is as convenient as Google Chrome is. Also, I saw an internet article that came out today that was advising not to use Chrome, but I haven't read it yet. Plus, I'm wondering if using Google Chrome as a PC web browser is worse than using it for your mobile phone.
  7. Thank you, however, I noticed that when I switched from Ghostery to MBG on Chrome, ads on youtube would start to play for about one or two seconds and then the actual video would start playing. However, Ghostery had always just completely blocked the ads. But I paused MBG and I switched back to Ghostery on Chrome for now, however, I installed the Adblock for Youtube extension and I'm wondering if that would be compatible with MBG since MBG seems to be preferred over Ghostery... Or at least at this forum. Also, on Edge, I've been using Super Adblocker for Youtube for a while, which seems to work fine on youtube videos ads and pop-up ads on other sites, but I've also added MBG and everything seems to be working the same on that browser.
  8. I will follow those instructions and get back with you.
  9. I'm using Adblock for Youtube with MBG. Are there any issues that you know of with this extension?
  10. Could you send it to me in a private message along with instructions on how to clean up Chrome.
  11. Does anyone know how Malwarebytes Browser Guard compares to Ghostery?
  12. Okay, getting back to business, I don't understand your comment from a few posts up. Although it did look like you were responding to AdvancedSetup.
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