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  1. Hi, MBAM keeps blocking the domain "boatos.org", but, as I said before, I really think that's a false positive that. It's a brazilian fact-check website :) I opened a topic last Friday, but the issue has not yet been solved. Please, recheck ASAP!
  2. Hi, MBAM is blocking the domain "boatos.org", but I really think that's a false positive. It's a brazilian fact-check website :) Please, check ASAP!
  3. Yes! I updated DB now from 3507 to 3510 mbamservice.exe was consuming 43.180K and now after update is consuming 44.140K. Its a really very good job!
  4. Sorry for last post, i cant edit yet Well once for all it's working really fine. Results after 1:40 "PM": ( and not AM like last post -.- ) 2:10 PM - 45,868K 2:40 PM - 45,868K 3:10 PM - 45,868K 3:40 PM - 45,860K 4:20 PM - 46,340K 5:00 PM - 45,848K For me at least it was fixed.
  5. Results after 1:40 AM: 2:10 PM - 45,868K 2:40 PM - 45,868K 3:10 PM - 45,868K 3:40 PM - 45,860K 4:20 PM - 46,340K Stable
  6. Results after 7:40 AM: 8:10 AM - 45,868K 8:40 AM - 45,868K 9:10 AM - 45,868K 9:40 AM - 45,868K 10:10 AM - 45,868K 10:40 AM - 45,868K 11:10 AM - 45,868K 11:40 AM - 45,868K 12:10 PM - 45,868K 12:40 PM - 45,868K 1:10 PM - 45,868K 1:40 PM - 45,868K Still stable
  7. Well 1.44 is working fine. Very Stable. Preliminary results: 4:25 AM - Started on 41.104K 4:30 AM - 41.156K 5:00 AM - 41.156K 5:30 AM - 41.156K 6:00 AM - 41.156K 6:11 AM - DB updated from 3506 to 3507 - up fast to 104,980K and decreased to 44.436K 6:13 AM - 44.436K 6:15 AM - 44.432K 6:15 AM - 44.776K 6:16 AM - 46.420K 6:17 AM - 46.408K 6:18 AM - 46.320K 6:23 AM - 46.308K 6:23 AM - 45.964K 6:28 AM - 44.692K 6:31 AM - 44.688K 6:32 AM - Switched rapidly between 44.254K and 45.632K and stabilized on 44.388K 6:38 AM - 44.388K 6:50 AM - 44.376K 6:52 AM - 44.372K 6:53 AM - Up to 45.888K after SuperAn
  8. Now almost 1 hour later mbamservice.exe is climbing again. 48.672K and increasing again. Fix not works. The previous results maybe coz i updated db before active realtime protection and the solution was temporary like i reported a few days ago. Ill reboot here to stop it Marco
  9. Like as i said earlier i waited 1 hour, and didn't run updatedb.exe but the malwarebytes anti-malware updater. DB Version from 3501 to 3502. Now is consuming 48.560K and at first time decreasing slowly the consumption. Unbeliavable. Ill still monitor for a day and ill be back when i've solid results. Apparently that fixed this problem here but i haven't ip protection now. Marco
  10. I reboot, without fix or "Start with Windows" checked, then i fixed the registry and reload it. I updated the database and actived the Realtime Protection Module. Now on systray icon, IP Protection not appear. Well almost 20 minutes later, the consumption is stable on 46.408K. Ill wait for a time and monitor yet. When complete 1 hour ill simulate a db update from dbupdate.exe and verify if memory climbs or not. Marco
  11. Ill try one more time and ill post again results here shortly. Marco
  12. I agree with you Roadkil, im doing same thing here, i also unticked "Start with Windows". So i can scan and update without any problems with mbamservice.exe Its happens with ip protection enabled or disabled. The curious thing is that the dbupdate.exe interrupted for a time of climbing memory. Unfortunately, registry fix didn't work here. Marco
  13. Ok @mountaintree16 If you have some idea about this problem and want share with us ll be welcome too. Hv a nice day!
  14. Was exactly to you mountaintree16 Althought i appreciate ur concerns. Regards, Marco
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