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  1. I'll need to monitor the backups over the weekend since that's when whey occur. It's a particularly busy time now with the start of college and K-12 school. I may not be as attentive as necessary. Please be patient with me.
  2. Here's the PatchMyPC log file. Mike PatchMyPC.log
  3. I've run the file. Attached is the log file. Mike Fixlog.txt
  4. Reply to Advanced Setup; thank you for all of the information. Are the exclusions in Malwarebytes affected by the script? I don't have any other firewall type exclusions.
  5. Reply to Porthos; based on my initial observation of the continuous backup not working correctly I was suspecting that Malwarebytes was interfering with the IDrive backup due to the enhanced security. At this point, I'm not certain that is the case because of the data shared in the logs. I'll have to see what happens with this weeks scheduled back-ups and review the weekly logs.
  6. As for your observation "The logs show that this was blocked months ago. What makes you think that Malwarebytes is currently causing any issue with backup?", given this new information, I'm not sure if Malwarebytes is the problem. Can you give me some data on when IDrive was first blocked based on the logs. Thanks.
  7. Hi. Thank for your input. What is the issue with the CC product you mentioned? Also, what exactly would the generic script fix? Thanks. Mike
  8. Hello again. While I was in the process of white listing the IP address and executables for IDrive, I noticed that a port was specified for the backup service. How do I reserve a port in Malwarebytes? Mike Firewall configurations for IDriveĀ® online backup.pdf
  9. Yes, I am having problems with the continuous back ups. I'll add the exclusions as you recommended. Thank you.
  10. Hello. Thank you for your timely response. Attached are the logs. mbst-grab-results.zip
  11. Has anyone experienced any conflicts with IDrive, the backup program and Premium 4.4.4?
  12. How do I change the password in this version of Malwarebytes?
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