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  1. I believe that this old image path was a result from when the site was on Wordpress before my company began hosting it. How would you recommend that I go about resolving this false positive then?
  2. Thank you TeMerc for the reply, I looked over VirusTotal's report, and also looked at the backend of the site to see if I could locate that image or folder path. That folder path doesn't exist at all on the backend, nor does it exist on the frontend. See screenshot below: https://www.d1franchise.com/wp-content/image/mapu.jpg
  3. I am dealing with a situation where my website is being blocked by MalwareBytes. Site: https://www.d1franchise.com/ I have had six vendors scan this site and declare this site as clean. The false positive is originating from a very old version of the site using this same domain before my company launched this new site. Please help!
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