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  1. I know how to change the password Malwarebytes 4.4.4 installed via MST unfortunately it did not install the license key so need to fix that by talking to my neighbour and see if he had the original email on the license
  2. Why do we need Media Creation Tool seems a lot of work on my part With no benefit I have already cleared his password and reset to something I know
  3. ok let me re-cap for you. 1. I rest his login using ISO boot CD Trinity rescue Kit , which allows you to remove any password and unlock the account So I could login using his admin account , NO Password required 2. You ask to show what would happen , So I changed his password , and added the password Hint back in that I had written down 3. How often As original stated , he had issues about 1 month ago , which I thought I had resolved. He then came to me the other day to say the same thing had happened. There maybe things he is not telling me out of shame. What I suspect is that someone is possible phoning him up and he is giving them his IP address then they somehow connect to his laptop. However I dont know for sure. He is a elderly neighbor but I can not start to integrate him , it is not the done thing. Apart from running EEST is there anything else I should be doing. Or just give him his laptop back and try and tell him not to allow it happen again.
  4. Correct login to windows does not work As someone managed to change his password and add the password hint
  5. If he types in his password The password is incorrect , Try again Then get the password Hint , see screenshot
  6. Maurice Windows 10 build 19043 ISP is Zen , Modem is TG582n License Duration Lifetime ,State Licensed When my neighbor tries his password , it would not work. Password hint : Contact support 01416288668 Matthew
  7. Folks Trying to help out a older gentleman neighbor A few months ago he came to me to say he had done something very stupid Paid some money to some online scammer to fix his laptop (Which was not broken at the time) They locked or changed his password. Password hint was a for a phone number for so called support Anyway using Trinity rescue kit 3.4 ISO I managed to unlock his account (Local) Using ISO did a scan with Comodo cleaning essentials Then online did a scan with Malwarebytes home premium that he had installed and paid for some time ago. Both did find some items and seemed to clean up fine, sorry did not keep the logs for either. This week found out that somehow some one had again managed to access his laptop (Not sure how) Lock his account and set a Password hint to a phone number for support. As per previous time run the above None of the tools picked up any issues I noticed some of the other posts asked to run ESET Online Scanner This did pick up 56 number of objects I do have a copy of the EEST Scan log if anybody finds it usfull. Did also notice that he had TeamViewer running but he does not seem to know why , so have un-installed it. Can some kind Wizard guide us through to make sure I have not missed anything. Also any suggestions to try and make sure this does not happen again , would be very helpful. Matthew
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