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  1. I reset my RAM, and either that did the trick, or coincidentally it's working now. I think I'm good.
  2. Windows 10 Home MB: Asus H110M-A/M.2 My PC was running fine, but I wanted to boot into another hard drive. So I tried entering bios by pressing the delete button on Startup, and I would just get a black screen. So I found some posts online saying that I should reset the CMOS. I did that by turning off the computer and jumping the two pins with a screwdriver. After doing that, I can't even get into windows. Now what happens is when I get to the screen asking me to press the delete key to enter the BIOS, without me pressing any keys it automatically goes to a screen that says "please enter setup to recover bios settings. Press F1 to run setup." When I do that, all I get is a black screen. I tried resetting the CMOS several different ways, including removing the video card, taking out the little battery, and then shorting out those jumper pins. I tried in every order, same result. I also tried taking the HDMI cable out of the video card and plugging into the motherboard. Help would be appreciated.
  3. Thanks for the help, Kevin. 😊 I first want to let you know that I may have “fixed” the issue of the flashing screen (maybe by doing something I shouldn't have?). I noticed upon a restart that another black screen flashed, but for a longer amount of time. I was able to video it and pause on the screen so I could read it. The first line was “Microsoft .NET Framework Assembly Registration Utility version 4.8.4084.0.” The file path on the border of the screen was in AppData\Roaming\tthibct I deleted “tthibct” and the screen no longer flashes regularly nor upon start-up. After running AdwCleaner, my system did not reboot, but there were two log files. I have attached them both. Fixlog.txt AdwCleaner[C00].txt AdwCleaner[S00].txt msert.log
  4. Sorry to bump. I wanted to add the logs requested in the sticky and didn't see a way to edit the OP. Addition.txt FRST.txt Malwarebytes.txt
  5. Last week my son made a slideshow for his aunt using pirated software he downloaded via torrents. One was Adobe Premiere and the other was by Movavi. Since then, I have seen what looks like a command prompt window flash quickly every so often. I uninstalled the software since then and ran Malwarebytes and the antivirus that comes with Windows 10. Several pieces of malware were found and quarantined. My son may have tried a few other malware programs and installed and uninstalled malwarebytes more than once. I don't believe any logs have been saved as the trash bin has been deleted. Now I still get a flashing screen about every few minutes or so, but it is so quick it can't even be identified as a command prompt. Any help would be appreciated.
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