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  1. Shadowwar, thank you for the suggestions. I have filled out the version information completely, but unfortunately this project doesn't have the budget for digital code signing. As this software is under active development, I'm releasing updated versions to my beta testers every few days. The latest version is also flagged in mbam. AE-Launcher.zip mbam.txt
  2. Thank you for getting to it so quickly. When I release updates to the software, am I going to have to make a new topic for every compile?
  3. Hello, I am a software developer working on a new project and some of my users are reporting that Malwarebytes is detecting my software as a virus. I've attached the binary and log files to this post. I can provide the source code to the software if necessary, but essentially this little app facilitates communication with a local server and downloads software updates from github. launcher.zip falsepositive.txt
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