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  1. Hopefully not for now! Thank you so much. My boy was so upset he didn't have his laptop to use yesterday but his brother did. Today he can play!
  2. OK. Looks like it did that and restarted. MaskVPN wasn't found in program files because Revo Uninstaller managed to get it from there, so hopefully we are good! There is no longer a MaskVPN process running. Fixlog.txt
  3. When you say "Do not open that file when running FRST fix" you mean just put FRST and this new fixlist.txt into a folder alone and run it, without the FRST file you made yesterday, correct?
  4. Okay great. Here is the searchReg txt. Found some entries I guess Revo uninstaller missed? SearchReg.txt
  5. Some of those might have just been mods my kid installed into his games, so I am sure he will be sad/mad to find them gone. ;)
  6. I ran your cleanup file and found that MaskVPN was still there. I terminated the process and ran the MS cleaner which found some things, but again MaskVPN was still there. I did a forced uninstall of it from Revo Uninstaller, and after reboot I no longer see the process running so hopefully it is gone. If I register Malwarebytes beyond the 14 day period, does that take the place of McAfee or another virus protection? Or should I be using both? Here is a screen grab of the MS results too. Thanks so much for the help!!!!
  7. adwcleaner didn't find any processes but did detect the Dell Support Assistant and Alienware utilities. We want to keep those if possible so do I still need to select them?
  8. Did the scan, nothing found. Now doind adwcleaner malwarebytes scan.txt
  9. Malwarebytes found and blocked this communication, but there is no maskvpn in the add remove programs list, and my son did not install this knowingly on his PC. We scanned it because his Roblox account is being accessed by someone who is stealing his items and trading them to unknown users and even after changing the password it appears it is being accessed. I ran a malwarebytes scan and it didn't find anything, but I do see it is blocking this weird VPN app from contacting something. Any ideas what antivirus can remove it?
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