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  1. Here is the VirusTotal link... VirusTotal Attached is the log I downloaded from MalwareBytes detection history Any help is appreciated. ScanLog.txt
  2. It doesn't get flagged during development. It runs fine. It is when I test deployment that it gets flagged. Click Once uses odd, random, difficult to find locations when deploying the app. Is there nothing I can do to stop this, other than removing MalwareBytes? Virustotal.com shows MalwareBytes and 2 others as falsely flagging as malicious. The remaining 65 scans pass it. I would prefer to continue using MalwareBytes if possible, but don't want to go around searching for installation folders and whitelisting them every time I deploy an internal application. Thanks, -Larry
  3. I am trying to figure out why MalwareBytes is flagging my internally developed click once application as MachineLearning/Anomalous.95% This is an application that I am working on for use at my office. It is not being distributed outside of company. Paying a large fee for an application digital signature is not an option, and the application is being flagged both unsigned, and signed with a test certificate. Is there anything I can do within my click once deployment to stop malwarebytes from falsely claiming it is malicious? Thanks, -Larry
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