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  1. Hello. Good afternoon Thanks a lot for the time spent. after updating malwarebytes It had a different log report. And then the problem went off. Anyway, I've done all your recommendations. I attached to you the malwarebytes log when the problem disappeared, and the last log, after follow your recommendations. And the log of frst too malware log8.txt malware log9.txt Fixlog.txt
  2. Hello! @nasdaqI don't know how, I can't download frst.exe on English. Anyway, I tried to translate the some parts of the logs. Just in case, I attached both. And yes, the problems persits. when I see that the windows explorer automatically hides the hidden folders and I cannot write accents, I unhide programdata, and I quarantine the "tqzq" folder. or delete it. but it appears again in a few minutes. Addition english.txt Addition.txt FRST ENGLISH.TXT FRST.txt
  3. I've been infected by the damn Trojan.BrowserHijack malware. I have already installed malwarebytes, I have spent it several times these days and the Trojan.BrowserHijack continues to appear again and again, I can't write with accent in Spanish, it also hides the hidden folders and it generates some files with this path: C: \ ProgramData \ Tqzq… Other software points to rundll32 in C: \ Windows \ SysWOW64. And in the task manager I open 2 or 3 empty tasks that point here C: \ Windows \ SysWOW64 \ svchost.exe malwarebytes english.txt
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