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  1. thanks to Maurice and to Porthos for so much help on this issue. thanks to the Malwarebytes community for your interest. thanks to Malwarebytes for supporting this community.
  2. when I ran the frstenglish tool, there was an additional checkbox called 'one month' under whitelist, that was already checked, but the box wasn't on your instructional picture. I took a chance and left it on. immediately my encrypt.me VPN software started complaining about loss of contact with its servers. but I wasn't running the VPN, I'm on a trusted WIFI. I hope that's OK. it looks like Power2GoExpress11 was removed or something. Is that program an issue with malwarebytes? do you want to see my C:\Windows\Logs\CBS\CBS.log ? the original runaway memory use issue seemed to go away after installing version 4.4.4 and then removing and re-installing the web extensions, then rebooting twice. Porthos told me that I had remnants of Bitdefender, and I ran a few of their un-installers, and I wondered if the remnants were gone. Hence I was referred to you. everything looks good to me, but I never noticed bitdefender remnants in the first place. Unless they helped cause my BSD when I had the memory issue. thanks so very much for your help and advice. Fixlog.txt
  3. Well, I got to bed before 3, but not by much! I hope you had a good night's sleep. As promised, here are my logs for your expert perusal. I couldn't even open the logs until I finally got the memory issue resolved. But today, I can't find any reference to Bitdefender. But of course, I don't know what to look for or where. I ended up running 3 Bitdefender removal programs, Bitdefender_2017_UninstallTool, Bitdefender_2016_UninstallTool, and from 2015, The_New_Bitdefender_UninstallTool. please let me know if by Bitdefender bits ( :) ) and pieces are gone. thanks again. mbst-grab-results.zip
  4. OK, I rebooted and noticed the Malwarebytes Native Message Service under MS edge was using a lot of CPU and memory use was climbing. I removed and reinstalled the Malwarebytes Browser Guard extensions on both chrome and the new edge. once again things look good. fingers crossed. I'll work on the Bitdefender stuff after a good night's sleep. the wife says going to bed at 4 AM is not good. I'll try to make it before 2 tonight.
  5. thanks so much for the offer. I'll work on that. right now I see MbamBgNativeMsg.exe using about 25% of my CPU, and almost 11,000 MB or memory. I ran the Bitdefender_2017_UninstallTool.exe and rebooted since my last post. I might try another reboot.
  6. I tried to reply to this quite some time ago, but the ether swallowed my response, I think. lesson learned. keep a copy of your post. in my reply I first thanked you, and I want to do that again: thanks for your time and effort on my behalf, and on behalf of the community! I earlier thought that the 4.4.4 beta release was not working, as I still had severe memory issues after the upgrade and after a reboot. But as I write this now it seems so much better! I wish I knew why the delay. and I hope the fix is permanent. as far as the Bitdefender bits issue goes, I am at a loss to understand that. I have no clue what version I may have had previously on this computer. In fact I don't recall ever installing it here. I ran it maybe a decade or more ago on a different computer. so I don't know what uninstaller to run. Do you have any insight from my zip file data? I couldn't even open the zip file earlier because of memory issues. Now I don't know what to look for. I tried starting on the unpaid versions uninstallers, and started with the oldest first. I might keep going until I get to the newer ones. they don't give me any indication if the product was even installed, but claim to have finished. being rather paranoid, I am afraid that these uninstallers are putting old windows files into my system. thanks again.
  7. man, that was painful! it took ages to install the tool, but eventually it installed. by then cpu use by the task had dropped off, memory use by the task was still high, but memory in use on the CPU wasn't so high. also by then no chrome windows were open, only the new edge. anyway I ran the tool, which also took a long time, but just when it seemed to be creating the zip file, I got a blue screen (not a BSOD, just a non responsive blue screen). from what I saw before the blue screen, memory use by the task had dropped off too. the computer eventually responded to ctl-alt-del, and I had a 'failed to allocate memory' message, and when I dismissed that, I was only able to sign out of windows and did that. signed back in, and the zip file was there. thanks for any help you can provide. please prod the folks responsible to push out the 4.4.4 update to us regular folks. mbst-grab-results.zip
  8. I have the same issue. "Malwarebytes Native Message Service" high CPU use, VERY high memory use, and high power use. I am not sure that I am comfortable acting as a beta tester. the warning is scary. it seems from comments here that it doesn't help anyway. I am version and it says that's the latest. I've been completely locked up but able to sign out and back in, and got some response back. I've also had a BSOD for the first time in several years. not sure if that's related. I've been able to run scans and to check for updates, when not locked up or staring at a BSOD. MalwareBytes, please fix this ASAP.
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