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  1. Sorry for replying to myself but: i've found this in FRST File located in tasks converted to txt is in attached files. Firefox Default Browser Agent F7411EA1E6F1C294.txt
  2. I also think that something is making these folders in temp directory with some exe files
  3. Hello I've downloaded a file that was propably infected with virus.After windows defender warnings about malicious files i put them in quarantine.Also scan with malwarebytes showed 24 files. There is nothing happening right now only a cmd pops up for a brief moment(screenshot attached). In that directory there is no such file as ijgste.I've also tried to look for anything on the process monitor.There is a lot of activity when that CMD turns on(conhost,that ijgste.exe) Also malwarebytes blocked 5 setup files right after that cmd showed up. Addition.txt FRST.txt scanraport.txt
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