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  1. thanks a lot. Then i have to go work on it. Hope all goes well.
  2. Thanks, for the answer. Avast and malwarebyte where working great tougether until now. Is malewarebyte able to do the same as Avast now? In earlier version it didn't. So you need both Antivirus programm. If you have a suggestion, I am open to it. And I will see about the Windows update.
  3. Hi Porthos I would like to ask, how is the progress going, with my problem? Thanks a lot.
  4. It does not matter which account i use. On all accounts its the same. For testing I Logoff everytime before logon with another user and do the action described above.
  5. David, thanks but it is not the right answer to my problem. My problem is, whether i turn it on or off, exit Mbam or restat PC the Context Menu Item is always there. It can not be disabled, and therefore is not function correctly. If i click it, nothing happen.
  6. Here are the logs. Thanks mbst-grab-results.zip
  7. Hi Since the last big update, 1 -2 weeks ago, i can not scan through the context menu in Explorer (if click a single File). Whether I turn Scan context off or on in Malwarebytes (after exit or restart the PC), in the explorer right click File, the entry is always there. If i click on it nothing happen. How can i solve this? Thanks a lot
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