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  1. Thank you, could you also tell me what was the issue? I mean it has been weeks of this haha I am to the edge of my chair since then.
  2. Thanks I thought you guys forgot about me, here it is:
  3. Sorry I had to do some stuff yesterday but, here is the Fixlog, also tried to run Adwarecleaner and it didn't run, well it did the same cmd pop up for a second and it closed. Fixlog.txt
  4. Here is the fixlog, after restarting windows defender threw a warning and solved it itself (image). Fixlog.txt
  5. -Aster is a program that allows you to make your PC two PC's, I use that when I wanted to play games that are not "splitscreen/couch coop" with my GF, for example we played World of Warcraft on the same pc with 2 monitors, 2 keyboards, two mouse etc. -Netlimiter is a program that allows you to limit how much bandwith you can give to anything on your pc, I have used this to limit spotify because spotify eats bandwith like crazy, I don't have spotify installed I use it through my browsers but anyway it still eats too much bandwith and I can't allow that. -Logitech gaming software is a program that allows to configure many stuff on my mouse like the buttons, the led colors etc.
  6. Here are the files that were saved to the USB Addition.txt FRST.txt
  7. I understand that but I meant that you need to press shift+restart to get into the Recovery environment options (it is one of the ways to get into that menu, pressing shift while you clik restart). My issue is that once in that blue background menu what option should I pick?
  8. I don't understand, what option should I pick from the menu when I use shift+restart? there are many options there.
  9. I re enabled the thing you asked me to to the "default" level on the control panel. Here are the logs: mbst-grab-results.zip
  10. The problem is that the window closes itself I am unable to do anything, those screenshots i take with the command window are taken in a split second before it closes itself.
  11. I did all of that and it still doesn't run it just happens what you see on my screenshot and then it closes.
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