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  1. All right I fixed it Had to actually think on this one I was being an idiot and forgot that registry was a thing so it turns out it was hiding there and i just deleted it so problem fixed thanks for trying to help out and I know you wouldn't tell me to go into regedit since if I deleted a file that was important I could of messed up my pc so thanks for trying to help me out
  2. It couldn't clear the temp folder its still there.
  3. No matter how many times Malwarebytes tries to delete it. It never deletes the file is C:\Windows\Temp\.net\taskudpgfz\hjgbm5js.bry\System32.dll I looked into it and saw the corporation was made by System32.dll and not Microsoft corporation and I also saw another file that wasn't created by Microsoft corporation that malware bytes didn't detect C:\Windows\Temp\.net\taskudpgfz\hjgbm5js.bry\BossBotnet.Client.Shared.dll and BossBotnet.Models.dll How do I delete this I've tried cmd power shell Linux nothing seems to work And because I'm on windows 11 insider edition I cant open windows safe mode.
  4. yea this fixed it now i just gotta deal with the viruses that spy hunter 5 is finding witch is only 2 trogans im pretty sure i can handle those but it seems mal ware bytes cant detect them how come?
  5. I did some deep research and I'm pretty sure its a R.A.T from what I saw normally I could get rid of this on my own but I don't have my Linux drive on me right and its a pain to get rid of things like this with just windows but malware bytes and their people are awesome so I came here.
  6. malware bytes is the only thing that can see this and the only way i can see this is through command prompt even if i see all folders
  7. Malware bytes gave me this positive i searched it up it said its just task manager but i need to make sure here the folder doesn't exist in my c drive even though it says it dose in file explorer it doesn't show but, but when I use cmd to cd to it the folder does exist but when I use cmd to open it with file explorer the program that's supposed to be in there seems to not exist like its hidden is this a false positive or something else because the website it leads to is very off putting.
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