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  1. It appeared again right now, while browsing the web, btw im using Edge Canary as my browser.
  2. So I opened my PC again, and it popped up again, after restart. There's the UAC, and then I renamed .bat to .txt so it will not be asking for authorization. I completed all steps, Malwarebytes, has 11 detections, text files are uploaded. Trojan1-2, MW1-5, Detected. I completed ADWCLEANER and FRST. Attached all logs. Thanks Addition.txt ADWCLEANER TXT FILE.txt FRST.txt MALWAREBYTES 1ST SCAN REPORT.txt MALWAREBYTES SCAN REPORT AFTER REBOOT.txt MW 5.txt MW1.txt MW2.txt MW3.txt MW4.txt Shortcut.txt TROJAN1.txt TROJAN2.txt
  3. Hi! Good day! So i found this batch file and i don't know what's this for. The user account control window popped up and asking for admin rights i think,i don't know the source so i click NO but whenever i choose 'NO' it popups again, it won't stop. so I checked the location and i found it in my appdata folder. I opened the file as text because i know i can see its contents by doing that but i don't understand the commands listed. I searched for it on google and nothing popped up, so I just deleted it because it keeps on popping up after I click the 'NO' button. I hope it won't come back again. I found it yesterday at 2am, 24 hrs later i opened my PC and its there again, in my appdata folder. I just deleted it again and tried to restart my computer but it didn't show. I'll try to open my pc again at 2am. Is it harmful for my device if i clicked yes? Do you know where i could find the source of this batch file? or what program triggers it to launch on its own without my permission? Thanks.
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