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  1. Oh yes. About cleaning up the tools. What should be done?
  2. The uninstall button is greyed out, can't be clicked on.
  3. Excuse me, what method would you suggest to remove Web Companion? I can't remove it manually.
  4. I found the link in a quora answer https://www.avira.com/en/download/product/avira-registry-cleaner Is this okay?
  5. I'm sorry the link is not redirecting me to the program.
  6. Yes the Safety scanner completed the run faster than Sophos. It detected 7 infected files but resolved 2 of them. This was one week ago I think, I uninstalled Avira the moment I found out that Avira has a bug with its real time scanner (this was addressed in Avira's forum since May but I guess it hasn't been fixed) so I replaced it with Avast antivirus. Before I uninstalled Avira, it detected the crypt xpack gen 7 trojan and has locked suspicious files/activities. This caused me to unable to download files from my browser directly since then. I hope your weekend goes well too. Thank you.
  7. The first scan detected something, but it's still not the trojan. There's nothing in the second scan. And yes I have no "Program Data" folder.
  8. So I forgot to close my browser when Sophos scanned all day, and when I went to the folder, I don't see any logs sub folder. I've attached the screenshot. I'll just do another scan and see what you can do about this situation.
  9. I removed Adaware from my system and did the MB rescan. The result turned out nothing. It didn't detect any suspicious things. So I did a rescan with Farbar. It seemed that the trojan disappeared(?) after I uninstalled Avira? But that can't be, right? Addition.txt FRST.txt
  10. Alright. Here are the files. Avira was slowing down the system, so I have to replace it first with Avast. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  11. Hello. I'm new here. I live on GMT+7 area. Just recently I'm becoming more aware of cyber security and have always had suspicion over my seemingly dormant adaware antivirus. So I decided to install Avira and Adguard to better secure my laptop. When I scanned my laptop, Avira detected this trojan. Also, Avira keeps on detecting "suspicious patterns" and blocking host files from time to time (these host files aren't specified, except the trojan), are these activities is something for me to be alerted? Or is Avira just overreacting like smart screen usually do? Please help. I already used MB premium to scan and clean 2 malwares in my system beforehand. I will upload the Farbar scan results in a few hours, hopefully, after this one's Avira's Luke Firewalker's finished. Idk what's taking it so long.
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