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  1. That's not the real problem but just FYI I just started 2 different threads, one with malwarebytes and one with 2CO. All my emails were in the above threads, as replies to the automated responses.
  2. I'm trying to upgrade my account and add a new device for almost a week now but the payment procedure always freeze after pressing "Buy Now" button. In Europe PSD2 is active and many European banks require SCA according to this Regulation. So, after pressing the "Buy Now" button a window must appear in order to fill extra info (such as an extra code or login etc.). This had to be implemented at least 1-2 years ago but it seems that malwarebytes in its payment gateway totally ignore this fact. After a short search I discovered this topic: where this poor guy was totally right and he had received only totally useless instructions for his PC when the problem is in the deprecated payment procedure of malwarebytes. I, also, sent a dozen of emails and the only response I got, after 3 days, were basic instructions on how to add a new device. I was very happy with this SW for many years and unfortunately now I'm very disappointed. I hope someone care about this very serious problem and do something. Good luck
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