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  1. Okkei i turned it off, i will reply on friday because i won’t have acces to computer.
  2. when i was using qbittorent malvarebytes blocked outbound trojan and malvare, when i am not using anything then it's blocking inbound connections
  3. yes there are rtp blocks every hour which is better than every minute
  4. my microsoft edge passwords, Fixlog.txtcookies and hisotory wasn't deleted, should it be like that?
  5. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Microsoft Safety Scanner v1.343, (build 1.343.1586.0) Started On Sat Jul 24 18:48:56 2021 Engine: 1.1.18400.4 Signatures: 1.343.1586.0 MpGear: 1.1.16330.1 Run Mode: Interactive Graphical Mode Quick Scan Results: ------------------- Threat Detected: VirTool:Win32/DefenderTamperingRestore and Removed! Action: Remove, Result: 0x00000000 regkeyvalue://hklm\software\microsoft\windows defender\\DisableAntiSpyware SigSeq: 0x0000055555C57273 Results Summary: ---------------- Found VirTool:Win32/DefenderTamperingRestore and Removed! Successfully Submitted MAPS Report Successfully Submitted Heartbeat Report Microsoft Safety Scanner Finished On Sat Jul 24 18:51:46 2021 Return code: 6 (0x6) FRST is still fixing, i will post it after it's done
  6. What does the fix do with firewall settings? Is there a chance it might break my computer?, i will do it tommorow because it´s midnight in my country
  7. Yes, it got enabled by itself(after updating winows) and i disabled it beacuse it took 2 minutes to chceck disk, it was annyoing me
  8. yes i have firewall enabled in router, i have less RTP detections, hope it will stop
  9. Hi, Kevinf i did adwcleaner scan 4 hours ago and it detected 7 small viruses but it didn't want to restart computer, here are other logs:malvarebytes-scanlog.txtFRST.txt Addition.txt
  10. thanks, i knew what port means but i didn't know if i am beign DDosed or somethink like that, so it means it's not a virus? Before making this post i blocked port in firewall but it didn't helpm hope blocking port on router will help..., thanks for answer!
  11. Hi, I installed malvarebytes today and malvarebytes keeps blocking a lot of IP adresses with same port 3389, every minute it says "Malwarebytes has successfully blocked access to a potentially malicious website" I scanned my PC with malvarebytes, defender, adwcleaner, only adwcleaner found 7 small viruses, but it still didn't help This is how the log looks like:
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