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  1. hii @AdvancedSetup this is the new logs, thank u FRST.txtAddition.txt
  2. Oh dont mind my previous comment, i just found the frst.exe . Okay get back to you soon, thank you @AdvancedSetup
  3. hello @AdvancedSetup, srry but i dont understand how to run the FRST or FRST64? where is the file?
  4. ive tried to install it a cuple times, but it keeps failed. ive read the forum and tried to install malware rootkit and after i clean up the virus, i still can not install malwarebytes.. this is the log frm the rootkit mbar-log-2021-07-22 (03-45-53).txt mbar-log-2021-07-22 (03-45-53).txt
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