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  1. No update happened overnight. I figured it was time to update to macOS 11.5, so I did that. While I was out of the house, the OS update completed with a reboot at 8:28am. At 8:33am Malwarebytes automatically updated to 4.11.11. I don't know if the application update trigger was the system restart as part of the OS update or what. I'll keep an eye on future updates to see what happens and when.
  2. Ok, thanks. I'll check a bit later today or tomorrow to see if it comes through.
  3. How long is the metering period? If this is normal behavior, I don't know that there is a reason to change anything. I just wanted to make sure updates would get automatically installed at some reasonable time.
  4. Sorry, I think I posted this to the wrong forum. Admins, please move it if necessary.
  5. I have Malwarebytes Premium for macOS and have the “Automatically update to a new version of Malwarebytes” feature turned on in the preferences. However, it never seems to update. For example, "About Malwarebytes" currently shows 4.10.4 while 4.11 has been out two weeks, since June 7. In the past, I have just gone ahead and updated manually using the "Check for updates..." feature. It would be nice not to have to go through the extra effort.
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