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  1. I fixed it myself. Must have been a corrupt file in the Malwarebytes install. It has been on this system for along time. I uninstalled and reinstalled and now after the first scan and these same files are deleted they stay deleted after reboot. Thanks for your help but I should have done this first.
  2. I'm sure we have a misunderstanding. After the scan 11 items show up. next I delete them and they are shown as deleted. I then reboot the computer and rescan. Low and behold the same 11 items are detected again. Sorry if I am not clear as to what is happening but it is clear to me. Thanks anyway
  3. Yep, now you understand the problem. It shows they were deleted and when you reboot and scan again they are back ??
  4. Thanks but that's the problem, after deleting and restarting the computer when you rescan the same 11 show up again. The log is the same as the one I posted.
  5. After a scan 11 items where detected. After choosing to send them to quarantine and restarting computer they are still there. Here is the log file. Thanks for any help scan.txt
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