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  1. Hi. Just wanted to let you know that after I investigated why my phone was acting whacky, that my phone service reported that they had a breach of personal information 2 or 3 weeks ago. I have changed the passwords of the affected email AND Flickr accounts. Perhaps this is connected to the issues I had.
  2. I'm totally frustrated and can't put my finger on exactly what is going on here. This morning I downloaded some images, renamed them, deleted my original files on the memory card and those those files are not to be found on my HD. Also I note that the sequence on the card were scrambled quite a bit. And some of my software tool functions did not work (could not resize a lightning tool.) Remember that I initially contacted you regarding some strange activity with my photo files. I will try reinstalling the software and if that doesn't work, reinstall Windows. I was hoping I didn't have to do that... So cut me loose and I'll keep track of everything and if I have something tangible I will start a new thread. Are our interactions stored? Thanks for your patience.
  3. At the moment my main concern is system functions like copy/paste. I will go out tomorrow for photos and see if I have any strange events while downloading. A few days ago I told you I downloaded images just like I usually do, copied to a folder and renamed them and I ended up with doubles and triples of some images, plus it included both the original files as labeled by my camera and the new titles. What I'm most concerned about is security. I need to do some transactions regarding money matters (tracking down a check and having to share very personal information) and some credit card transactions. When I said I get bumped offline, I meant like 15-20 times in a few hours. I'll let you know about any copying issues tomorrow. Thanks.
  4. Here are the logs you requested. Attached. Addition.txt AdwCleaner[S01].txt FRST.txt MBytesScan.txt
  5. My files were not hidden. I do not have that restore option. See the attached image. I am having a lot of trouble getting dropped from the internet, two computers. Is Microsoft changing the system architecture? The Howtogeek article images are different. I have been getting dropped from the internet a lot on two computers, both protected with MB. My other computer (used only for watching movies) had a system msg - a browser protection was turned off...not by me.
  6. Hi. We have to re-think this!!! My system files are all mucked up. I uploaded a photo shoot today and renamed the files in a folder. Windows saved both original and renamed whereas it normally replaces. Also, it copied two and three times some of the files I edited. Don't forget that yesterday some basic system functions didn't work. Copy/paste. Please advise.
  7. Ran it but didn't get a report. It was a Windows Defender Tampering App. I probably should have did a printscreen. Dangit. If i run it again, it won't be there and I don't see a way to retrieve the results. The page said Windows Defender would heal itself. Sorry! Please advise.
  8. I have had some hard history with Eset!!! I am a music teacher. Last year I got into creating music via music production software. I tried a number of different programs but really wanted, due to my music preference, Cubase. I bought the cheaper basic edition and couldn't get it to work properly. I even had a Cubase tech get into my computer, look things over and state that for some odd reason Cubase wouldn't work on my computer. Sorry. Then I tried Presonus Studio One. Same thing. But I kept digging and eventually found someone at Presonus to verify that Eset had some issues with their software. I had Eset installed on this particular computer and once I uninstalled and went to something else (Malwarebytes!) everything worked fine. THen I went back to Cubase and everything worked fine. Then I remembered...maybe eight years earlier I had Eset for a year and ran into some issues with my notation program, Finale. The Finale people verified that Eset was causing issues. There's something about the way Eset works and how sound software functions that don't jive. But just now I was in Reddit posting a comment and some of my basic Windows functions, like backspace, delete would not work in a comment I was editing. I had to close the window and reopen it to post a comment. I'm wondering if all my Windows apps are up to parr. Another thing - please be advised I know NOTHING about computers but when things go wrong I often check Admin Tools > Event Viewer to see if there's anything obvious, even though I totally don't understand it. I checked a few days ago right after I kept getting bumped offline. There were a slew of error msgs. I'll attach a screenshot. What I found interesting is that when I read about it, the text said the problem was usually caused by corrupt windows files. AND as I copied/pasted this from Notebook - it also pasted in the last text I had copied! Basic system functions are kinda messed up. Please advise.
  9. Hello. We had an interruption in our communication. I'm still having problems with dropping offline. I keep getting YouTube videos that really are nothing I would watch and looked in my account settings and it listed a few recent videos I watched. One was a Chinese video all descriptions in Chinese characters and I know I did not watch it two days ago as listed! Something just doesn't feel right. Please advise. Did you get my FRST files a few days ago?
  10. I keep getting that error msg again, the image on the right, when I send you replies.
  11. As I tried to post this last comment, I was met with an error screen. See attached. I have been having A LOT of trouble like this. I'll send that error msg screen shot too. This is in response to "how is your computer running now? ""
  12. I am having trouble scanning with Win Defender. I've searched for instructions on how to open WD and I can't find one that matches my version. Howtogeek was the closest. Start > Windows Security > virus and threat protection > and next I'm supposed to find a 'scan' link at the bottom of the page but it's not there. Windows has changed many of its procedures as they continually alter the program? Every Wednesday morning when I boot up - I ask myself 'which apps did Microsoft break with their update THIS TIME?
  13. Attached are the three files from the scan I just ran. Thanks for all your assistance! Please advise if there is anything else I need do. FRST.txt Addition.txt Fixlog.txt
  14. I am have dumb question. You want me to rerun the program. Do I remove the reports it generated from the folder in which all these things reside? Will it give the new reports an unique name so I will know which are the new ones?
  15. I like! I do mostly urban stuff - been shooting in Detroit since 2004 - bad neighborhoods. Documenting living conditions. Still not good but much better. Gentrification does wonders. I also shoot in cemeteries, Nature (I love trees) and macabre. I hear a different beat I suppose. You can view my Flickr stuff. It's not an ego thing for me at all, just one way I express myself through my vision.
  16. Report attached. Yesterday (before running the program) I again had difficulty going to various websites, "site not found" messages. I rebooted and it was okay after that. Sorry about all the confusion in this process. Please advise if necessary. Thanks. Fixlog.txt
  17. Okay I ran the original program you sent me a few days ago in a folder on my desktop. It ran and created two files, FRST and Addition.txt. I clicked on the FIX button and it is looking for a fix list. How do I attach the fix list and where is it?
  18. I need to clarify something before I proceed. I pasted this address [C:\Users\Russobe\Downloads] and saved the fixlist.txt there but I do not see it in my "Downloads" directory. Is this a different location? Where do the FRST/FRST64 come from? I ran FRST.exe the other day but saved it to my desktop. And also the ZIP folder I sent to you. Should I move these two to this new location? I'm really not comfortable poking around in my system files so I just want to make certain I am doing it correctly. It's not easy being technically challenged!
  19. I am leaving for work and won't be able to do this until tomorrow.
  20. mbst-grab-results.zipSorry. I totally screwed this up as I tried to attach the file from a reply to your email. Here is the logs you request. I probably should have had a cup of coffee before doing this!
  21. Windows 10 up to date, 64 bit. Malwarebytes Premium I had a series of strange events and don't quite know what to make of it, or if I should do anything. Last week while online I kept getting bumped offline, "site not found," while I was on a given site. First off, I am an avid photography enthusiast. The next day I note that I was signed out of my Flickr account. And another, DPReview, another photography site. Also all the settings on my photography editing software was reset. Nothing else seemed to be affected. If it matters, I do all my photography in jpg format. And - I have two computers online, and my other computer was also signed out of Flickr. I did not receive any notifications from Malwarebytes of any issues. Any ideas on this?
  22. I think everything looks okay. Thanks.
  23. Scan was clean. I realized that after I posted here that just two weeks prior I had installed some old software, CorelDraw Video which I think is about 9 yrs old. In order to install it I had to also install some Microsoft Frame software. I decided not to use the software and deleted it and I bet that's how those dll's showed up in the recycle bin, though this is the first time I recall uninstalling software that wound up in the recycle bin.
  24. I was just looking through the log and found Arvato in the list. I looked them up and they are a debt collection agency (I think) and I have no idea how this was installed on my computer!
  25. Attached are the files you requested. Awaiting further instructions. FRST.txt Addition.txt
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