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  1. Did you get any result? Apparently Mbam doesn't detect anything anymore after i dl the app a third time, really weird. I assume it was a FP?
  2. Btw, the files i linked are from the second version of the app after i deleted it and dl it again. So you shouldn't find anything wrong with playclawhook32.exe anymore since bitdefender magically doesn't find anything anymore either. But the issue stayed exactly the same with Gamehookconsole.exe detected by Mbam in both versions though ( Gamehookconsole.exe file which has never been detected by Bitdefender to begin with, even before the new dl of the app).
  3. Alright, thank you. I'm waiting for it.
  4. Yes sir! In order : the log, the exe detected by Mbam, Gamehookconsole, the exe detected by bitdefender, playclawhook32 (they are not the same exe, even though they are both in the same file, which is even weirder), in case you want it, pretty much the whole file with both the exe files. Thank you for your help. Gamehook console detection.txt GameHookConsole.rar playclawhook32.rar HudSight.rar
  5. Hi, I've had a new error message from bitdefender for an application i've used many times before which never caused any problem. This is the application : https://store.steampowered.com/app/1477830/HudSight__custom_crosshair_overlay/ (it's an overlay that hooks on other games). And this is what i got as message when opening it now : Report bitdefender : C:\ProgramData\HudSight\hooks\playclawhook32.exe is infected with Gen:Suspicious.Cloud.4.oy2@a8gwFBfk and was moved to quarantine. It is recommended that you run a System Scan to make sure your system is clean. So i used Mbam and it also found this : The application doesn't seem to have been updated recently, and there is almost nothing that can help on the net . I was wondering if it was just a new thing or it came from me only. Dunno if it's related but i've been using AHK to launch the app recently. Instead of just opening it (pretty sure it's unrelated but never know). Potentially useful links : http://windowsbulletin.com/files/exe/eduard-kozadaev/playclaw-5-fast-codec/playclawhook32-exe#update (recently updated, maybe it's related?) https://steamdb.info/depot/1477831/ Edit : It seems pretty inconsistent btw. I tried to delete the app, dl it again. Bitdefender blocked it. Restarted PC, continue the dl, and it completed. Now bitdef doesn't see anything when i scan the file but Mbam still finds the same malware exe. Weird. Thank you for your help.
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