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  1. So, I currently have Malwarebytes Premium, with full protection enabled at all times. Just now, while looking something up on Google, I got a notification saying that Malwarebytes had blocked a website for being a potential risk. I was confused, as I was not even visiting the site. I was simply on the Google results page where the URL was displayed. What does this mean? Why did Malwarebytes do this? You don't run a risk of getting infected by just browsing Google's results page? The site which was blocked in particular was "lmaobox.net", a website which is infamous for hosting cheats for the Valve video game, Team Fortress 2. I was not planning on visiting this website or downloading anything from it, as I do not support cheating in video games in any way, shape, or form. From what a friend of mine is telling me, the lmaobox.net website is "itself a known host of a spyware scripthook". He thinks what Malwarebytes did was just a precaution. I want to hear from the experts here, though. Do you really risk getting infected by something by just being on Google's preview page? (I am talking specifically about the URL preview page, not the "images" page. I've already heard that one could potentially be a risk but it rarely happens nowadays.) Thanks, guys!
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