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  1. Thanks, for the advice mbam_mtbr. I had to uninstall and reinstall a couple of times but it eventually worked. Problems solved. Again, Thanks.
  2. After a month the Premium trial expired, so Malwarebytes reverted to the free version, which is running on the phone with no problems, I just can't seem to upgrade it.
  3. Thanks for the reply. Yes, the Premium trial was running for a month. When it was about to expire I wanted to upgrade, but I keep getting the error message.
  4. For the past three days I've been getting the error message "Something went wrong on our end, please try again" on my Android phone when I try to upgrade my Malwarebytes subscription. I get the same message If I try to download the app from the Play store. My Premium trial has expired, and I want the yearly Premium plan. I'm using an LG X Style phone. Is there some other way to download the app?
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