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  1. Our website is clean. Avast.com removed us from their blacklist after reviewing our site. And fortinet removed us from their list as well. We no longer have a cache plugin. I've contacted Quttera regarding the false positive they are showing.
  2. Maybe your temp internet files still have it memory? Have you tried going to that url in incognito mode?
  3. The file is not there, if you go to https://pinellasrealtor.org/wp-content/cache/wpfc-minified/6nzig0m4/2br6u.js it says file not found.
  4. please see my previous reply and let me know if you can now whitelist https://pinellasrealtor.org
  5. I have un-minified the javascript in my WP Fastest Cache plugin and cleared the cache. Can you please run a check again and see if it solved the problem of it being flagged?
  6. I manage hxxps://pinellasrealtor.org and our website is being blocked by Malwarebytes Browser Guard. Our website is clean. I believe it is showing a false positive. Please whitelist our website. Thanks, Dan Cote Pinellas Realtor Organization Webmaster
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