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  1. Hi, I have a suggestion and a bug report. Suggestion: Please add wildcard support to exclusions list, it's incredible annoying adding "domain.com", "www.domain.com", "w34.domain.com", "w67.domain.com" and so on.... It should be added just as "*.domain.com" Bug: After adding some web exclusions if I disable "Web Protection" from icon tray menu, when I reactivate protection the list is wiped and I must add ALL the domains again. Best Regards
  2. Thanks! Should we open a new thread about the lack of wildcards (that should be in user's options) and Website's Allows list wiping bug? Best Regards
  3. I've found an ugly bug, but I'm trying to determine how is it triggered. After I've added some domains (like zippyshare.com) and some others, since I need to avoid the wildcard issue, I disable web protection until I finish doing my stuff. But when I re-enable web protection, *fuushh* all website exclusions have vanished. Sometimes they are kept, sometimes the aren't. So, I'm not sure how the vanishing bug is triggered, but it does exist and I'm forced to add the web exclusions again, and again....
  4. Sorry, I meant "so whitelisting zippyshare.com will not allow you to download a file stored in, let's say, www63.zippyshare.com".
  5. @Guffeh I have the same issue. The problem is Malwarebytes doesn't allow to use wildcards, so blacklisting zippyshare.com will not allow you to download a file stored in, let's say, www63.zippyshare.com You'll need to disable Web Protection to download, incredible, isn't? In fact, I've just subscribed to this forum because I was asked to do so, because I reported the lack of wildcards support 🤷🏻‍♂️
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