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  1. OK, I downloaded Fox but then cannot find the FRST and Addition files. not in my download folder.
  2. No matter what I do, I get the blocked message. I am using google chrome. If I exit it says “your files are downloading. If you exit it will stop” but there is no download progress bar and 2 hours later it says the same thing. But I see no download. This is after I click the 64 bit download button. Best regards, P.B.HOLT
  3. When i click download i get a message that "FRST64 IS BLOCKED AS IT MAY DAMAGE YOUR COMPUTER". pLEASE ADVISE. P.B.HOLT
  4. mbst-grab-results (1).zipI don't know how to do that P.B.HOLT.
  5. Did you receive the mbs-grab zip file? P.B.HOLT
  6. I get the above message after selecting almost everything. Sometimes it goes and things work again after a minute or so, but other times stays till i eventually exit everything. it seems to be related to "microsoft edge is not responding".
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