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  1. Thank you for your help Maurice, and time. I appreciate it, have a good one. 😀
  2. It happened a month ago, and Im not taking any risks that corrupt my bios.
  3. Should I update my pc? A update is avaliable. Also I will note that whenever I try doing a bios security update, the installer automatically closes, this is suspicous.
  4. Malwarebytes hasn't detected anything, and I have turned on rootkit scanning. scan.txt
  5. mbar-log-2021-07-08 (13-54-51).txt system-log.txt
  6. I can send the logs, Im pretty sure I did a quick scan that may be the problem.
  7. Hello Maurice, Ive just ran the scan and no malware was found.
  8. Hello maurice, the anti rootkit software may turn my PC black screen, if thats the case how do I go out of it?
  9. SecurityCheck.txtTDSSKiller.
  10. Hello Maurice, The Kaspersky tool only scanned 701 files detecting nothing.
  11. I have already removed spyhunter, and I am now going to get the application
  12. Hello Maurice, I have proceeded, and I will now attach the fixlist. Also please tell me when its safe to delete FRSTEnglish. Fixlog.txt
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