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  1. I have repeatedly been alerted that the site, Rapid Reviews COVID-19 (mit.edu) alerts that Malwarebytes for Windows identifies something associated with this sight as being malign. The specific alert is as follows: "Potential threat blocked The following website appears malicious: assets.pubpub.org". I would greatly appreciate someone looking into this. Thank you, Richard
  2. Let me start this post by saying that I am pretty certain that I may not have posted the this information in the correct location in the Forums. For that I am sorry, but I am certain that I could not quite identify where this belongs. Thank you for your tolerance and guidance. Now, on to the problem. While attempting to follow up on post of genomic information on a website located in China, I recieved two notifications. One was from Microsoft Explorer which indicated that the website "The connection for this site is not secure ngdc.cncb.ac.cn sent an invalid response." The second alert came from Malwarebytes. It indicated that the website was blocked due to a trojan. I am alarmed at this and am very curious as to what is going on. The information is attached in a .txt file. Thank you, Richard Site blocked due to possible trojan.txt
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