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  1. Nathan thanks for your help looking into this.....So i talked with a guy who knows a lot about TV box's and TV sticks....those are APKs that are no longer used and the developer didn't remove them when he did an update to the rom, so I went into Es File Explorer and found those and removed them all. I ran Malwarebytes again and its clean, and ran a anti virus and it comes up clean. I freaked out a little before I knew anything about what was going on. Thanks again....BTY I love Malwarebytes have had it for many years now, I say its the best.
  2. Nathan...Here is what I done so far, in a panic I deleted the SlimBox rom...I done a factory reset on it, and then installed the latest standard Rom that is used on the X96S Tv Stick and ran Malwarebytes again and the same 5 items appeared on the stick, its embedded into the stick now and little scary of course I stopped using it and really concerned if any information was stolen from me on this device. this is the SD card with the standard Rom and it said three files are to big to upload. I dont know if this will work for you let me know.... compatibility.zip
  3. I have a few problems, first you might not want to help, its a X96S android tv stick, and it has a custom ROM install on it called "SlimBox" Then I did everything you say and there is nothing on this box yet to send you the apps reports. I have photos of the screen if that helps So any ideas of how I can send the apps report? Thank you
  4. today i found 5 malware Android/trojan/Boogr.gsh. in different parts of my tv stick, What is this and is it dangerous, should i stop using it. Maybe factory reset? Thank you in advance.
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