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  1. Hi Kevin! Looks like everything is fine now! No more popups, no more trouble using symbols...Malwarebytes don't find threats anymore! :) Thank you very much for your help!! :) Have a nice day! Best regards, Jack
  2. Ok, thank you for your help Djordje! Best regards, Jack
  3. A bit big indeed! Here we go : https://we.tl/t-zvWTgUd1Fn Best regards, Jack
  4. Hi Djordje! Is it this one? :) Best regards, Jack Fixlog.txt
  5. Hi Kevin, Thank you again, plz find the filed attached. Microsoft Safety scanner found 10 more infections he just cleaned! Best regards, Jack 02.07.2021_14.58.54.zip msert.log
  6. Hi Kevin, thank you for your fast answer! :) I followed all your steps! AdwCleaner found nothing so I have no log but plz find attached the other ones :) Best regards, Jack Addition.txt FRST.txt MB.txt
  7. Hi guys! One more victim of this Trojan..I tried to remove it several times but without any success. I got popups all day long on chrome, and I heard that it can steal many informations... So here I am, looking for some help! :) Malwarebytes find 6 corrupted files in c:\programdata that keeps coming back! Best regards, Jack
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