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  1. updates are complete. something about speccy bundle installer was removed by the microsoft AV. there are no more infections reported.
  2. windows update updated something about microsoft defender rapidly.
  3. operations complete. here is the fixlog. i can not thank you enough for your time and assistance. Fixlog.txt
  4. also for some reason microsoft defender firewall wanted to block the steam videogaming platform but after a reboot it didnt do anything.
  5. I've started the farbar fixing process. Can you provide some details as to what the software is doing? I'm a computer nerd interested in desktop PC repair and maintenance, and basically making a computer operate as fast as possible and this process is exceptionally interesting. I would like to know more.
  6. This is taking quite some time. My computer is equipped with a Ryzen 5 3600 and 16 gigs of ram but with a crummy internet connection. Is farbar supposed to take over an hour or so to complete on a fast computer like mine?
  7. before such an operation on windows i always create a system restore point. is it safe to create one before running farbar?
  8. although nothing new was detected i set mbam to ignore a keygen for a program called poweriso which allows me to play some older retro games on my pc like star trek bridge commander and star trek armada 2 without having a game disc getting scratched. and i may have accidentaly had mbam ignore stuff that i didnt want.
  9. here are the results from the mbam full scan report malwarebytes free version full scan report.txt
  10. i have been avoiding microsoft defender because the few reviews ive read online over the years suggest that its a bit weak in detecting malware. also i heard on the youtube channel jays2cents that its good but not to visit some kinds of websites for some reason.
  11. should i turn off the panda antivirus software as well?
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