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  1. I scanned for the file today, seems not to be there now .I Cannot tell you what It was ,must have been a rootkit .The main file went when you said select rootkit for fixing.so Im guessing I can call this solved ? Thank you very much
  2. seems to have fixed the start up program now just the one file in registry keep re adding itself
  3. I just disabled it for the tests
  4. it has gone from processes now but its still in start up and searching in regedit still finds it I can delete it there but it comes back after restart
  5. Hi I have a possible virus prosses ,on my computer called kissq ,it is also on my start up list programs as well .No programs come up with it as a virus or threat, but I have looked online. There it says it can harm your pc! just would like a bit more information if anyone has any. I have read google sites on it so I am as what familiar with it. I just can not get rid if it . I don't really fancy reinstalling windows many thanks.
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