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  1. How do I create a new support ticket? What is the URL or email address?
  2. I have paid for 3 MB Premium licences but only need two - one for my windows laptop and one for my new android phone. I do not need a license for my old android phone since I will be getting rid of it. The instructions say that when I delete MB Premium on one device, all premium licenses are deleted for 24 hours. Is this true? Can't I just delete the one license for the device I will no longer be using? If not, could you please send instructions for adding the key code for MB Premium on a Windows laptop? I know how to do it on my android phone. - Thank you.
  3. I have resolved the problem with the help of your topic Activate Malwarebytes Premium on Android device Thank you, Susan
  4. I had purchased two licenses for Malwarebytes Premium that are still current, one for my laptop and one for my Moto G5 Plus. I recently purchases a Moto Power but was unable to transfer my licence from my Moto G 5 Plus to Moto Power. So I bought a third license hoping to apply it to my new Moto Power. I have not been able to. So I now have three licenses for MB Premium: One still works on my old phone and one still works on my laptop. I still have nothing on my new Moto Power so I run MB daily, manually. How do I either transfer my MB Premium that was on my old Moto G 5 Plus to my Moto Power, OR how do I apply the new (third) license to my Moto Power. When I go into my Malwarebytes app on my new Moto G Power, I am not able to access MB Premium.
  5. As I said, I tried this and I was prompted to pay for MB Premium, but I already have it. How do I TRANSFER my paid MB Premium to my new phone?
  6. How do I transfer MB Premium to my new Android phone? I could not do it from Google Play app. It wanted to charge me. I signed up for Premium months ago and now have a new phone I want to transfer it to.
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