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  1. The notification isn't showing up it seems.
  2. Yes, sorry, I went to bed. Here it is. Fixlog.txt
  3. Yes, sorry, I went to bed. I will now run the fix.
  4. Hi, a couple weeks ago I accidentally downloaded a fishy link, and since then I started getting the Google.com main page appearing out of nowhere, so I installed Malwarebytes and ran a few scans, the first one removed 131 files, then 5, and the last scan found nothing. It is worth noting that Combo Cleaner found 4 files which I did not remove as that required a premium version: Ever since then Malwarebytes has been blocking a website due to trojan once every 25 seconds or so here is the notification I get: Here are the Malwarebytes reports for each scan: malwarebytes report 1.txt malwarebytes report 2.txt malwarebytes report 3.txt I also rebooted after every scan.
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