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  1. Hey Maurice I've tried the sites and everything seems to be working and in order ! thank you for your patience and flexability with work hours and I appreciate your attention to details and customising solutions for my specific case . I admire your work and wish you the best for helping overcome this hurdle. you are much appreciated and your dedication is admirable :D I don't know if we should be celebrating reaching page 2 on the investigation but i'm glad you were the expert assigned to my case . Stay safe out there and thanks again !
  2. Hey A couple of things i wanted to ask about were 1) I attached a photo of what my browser looks like on those pages and what the malwarebytes browser extension shows and I just thought that's an absurd amount of stuff being blocked ( ad blocker blocking 50 "ads" in less than 4 minutes is also suspicious) . is this normal ? I know it kinda depends on the site but i've been using this specific site for almost 6 years without a hitch 2)I finished uninstalling java se 15 but the program Bonjour is nowhere to be found on the uninstall list accessed through control panel .I have not installed this software by myself even and am pretty sure it's part of apps that were installed for me when I purchased this Laptop 10 months. Standing by Yep.rar
  3. Hi again , after completing the above described steps , I still fail to load some pages properly . the driver executable malware was flagged on a previous scan and i thought I removed them after quarantine , i'll look into that . but they are a recent download of the past few days and this issue is re-accurring after almost 2 weeks.
  4. Apologies for any assumptions and Thanks again for the help Logs 10th july.rar
  5. After consulting other posts I realized adding "English" to the FRST executable translates everything into english . I'll supply readable logs shortly , thank you for the patience .
  6. Hi While i wait for the FRST and malwarebytes i'd like to clarify some things . A) the browser in question is Microsoft Edge Version 91.0.864.64 B)during our entire session we never installed FRST tool and yet you're requesing it's deletion as part of cleaning up our tools .I'm wondering if you might have confused my case with another C) clicking the second link return me to my own post , i'm not sure that was intended but no problem i found the newest version of FRST tool on my own and it's scanning D) the site in question this time is https://euw.op.gg/multi/query= and i will attach a peculiar setting in microsoft edge that might explain the behavour of my pages (sorry if the language is set to french , i'll send you the english version with the logs) Edge privacy settings saying it allows minimalist page customization.rar
  7. I think that took care of it ! YEY thanks! back to normal display
  8. Good morning Maurice , As i approach the 19 hour of letting this scan go on .I was wondering if this long duration was normal for a PC with 800Gb of data and if there's a way i can give you a premature version of the log without stopping the scan . here's a screenshot of the progress I found this morning for my timezone. The display bar is obviously a bit meaningless but i'm glad i might be closing on the final stretch of what you described as being "does not take much time." I will update you when i have the full results regardless
  9. Thanks Maurice and I understand perfectly humblebundle is a site that groups games , books or digital assets and sells them in discounted bundles . sort of like a charitable medium between a player and developers/companies . The things I tried were purely me googling my own research and googling solution for people who had a similer problem and some even came up in your forum . the order however is mostly me panicking but I tried to log everything i did in order (maybe more detail would have been better) but currently i'l let you investigate the possibility of ransomeware , spyware , keyloggers or whatever mallicious script is ruining my html display and maybe redirecting me to non-existant sites. thank you for your patience and consideration and i'll be in your care . i'm checking up on this page every half hour so if you have any more questions just shoot :) I'm contacting support sites one by one so that no one sites' investigation interfers with another .(you guys are my first and hopefully my last) I'm helping you help me afterall
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