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  1. Hello, I have had a few of my sites identified and blocked for Malware which has now been removed. I do however have about 100 sites and wondered if anyone can recommend good software which can scan all files and identify potential Malware? I ask the hosting company and they run a report but that seems to miss potential files. Any help would be appreciate either free or paid software Many thanks BDE
  2. My site www.reboundexpress.com is blocked - can this please be removed?
  3. Thanks Jovan, Yes these files have been removed. Many thanks BDE
  4. Hello, My site www.thecheersfunctionband.com is still blocked can you please check this for me Thanks BDE
  5. Thanks sorry about that
  6. Hello, I am getting the blocked message on parts of the following sites - https://www.gqpm.co.uk/ Many thanks Julian
  7. Hello, My site https://www.royalberkscharity.co.uk was blocked and you confirmed that they block was removed. I can access the home page fine but some of the pages I am still getting the block error. Would appreciate if you could review for me Many thanks BDE
  8. There still appears to be a block on kingsbridgewealth.co.uk. Is it possible to remove?
  9. Thats for coming back to me. This file has been removed. PLugin has also been updated and set to auto updates. Many thanks
  10. Hello, My website https://www.gqpm.co.uk/ is blocked. I have run this thorugh tools such as Sucuri and it is showing that there is no malware. Many thanks
  11. Our site http://learning.icfm.com/ is being blocked showing as a Trojan virus. https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/2a77dc76f7ae3a1afbcef7db4f6df2435102bd33ccc7894094b79eb5c64862b3/detection
  12. The following sites are being blocked. I would appreciate if you could review and remove the blocks kingsbridgewealth.co.uk gqpm.co.uk icfm.com royalberkscharity.co.uk advicesmith.co.uk reboundexpress.com Many thanks
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