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  1. Everything is fine for now, thanks for your help. Could you help with uninstalling all the tools that I installed to remove the infection. Also will I still be able to remove malware after my Malwarebytes trial has expired? Thanks Jackmin
  2. Hello, Thank you for your reply I will do that later as it is quite late now.
  3. Thanks for your help, Do you have any idea where this infection could have come from and will Malwarebytes still work after my trial ends? I am also quite curious on what the 3 files that Malwarebytes detected were do you have any idea? Anyways thanks for your help it seems like everything is back to normal Thanks Jackmin
  4. Alright, here is the file for the detection in Malwarebytes. Is it possible for you to please provide me with a fix list for the system? Thanks 15.07.2021_10.11.04.zip
  5. @AdvancedSetup I did not add those tasks in task scheduler but I did notice them yesterday. Using process hacker I've observed that dllhost.exe was using around 5gb of dedicated memory and 100% of my cuda cores (crypto miner?). After terminating the process it seems like it has stopped, could this file be infected? Also after investigating in task scheduler I've noticed an unusual task which may be linked to the first infection as it is for a java file and is located in the same directory as the Malwarebytes scan. Another thing I've noted is a unusual .jar file which was in my temp folder, this happened to be created on the day the task was created. I am still using no-ip duc for a hosting a minecraft server and occasionally using proton vpn windows defender has removed those files.
  6. @Maurice Naggar Here are the contents of the folder and the logs of the Malwarebytes scan Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.19042.1083] (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. C:\Users\Jackmin>dir c:\programdata\mmah*.* /s /q Volume in drive C has no label. Volume Serial Number is 32DA-9134 Directory of c:\programdata 15/07/2021 09:45 am <DIR> BUILTIN\Administrators MMAHhpWyFn 0 File(s) 0 bytes Total Files Listed: 0 File(s) 0 bytes 1 Dir(s) 91,046,752,256 bytes free Log.txt
  7. Hello there, Thanks for your reply here are the logsFRST.txtAddition.txt Thanks Jackmin
  8. The other day I created a post on the malwarebytes forum about a trojan that keeps coming back after removed. (Link below) After the removal everything was back to normal, however just today I saw Malwarebytes had detected the same trojan again in the same location. Another thing I noticed was in task manager the cuda usage of my graphics card was at 100%, this happens everytime this malware is detected. Please help Thanks Jackmin
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