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  1. Thanks a lot for that @AdvancedSetup, hopefully this issue gets resolved soon now!
  2. Thanks @Porthos, I just figured since the first ticket was opened on 4th April, and I still hadnt had a reply on 23rd May (apart from the first one 2 days after it was created asking me for some more details) the ticket had gotten lost so created a new one, however this new one created on 23rd May has still not had a single reply almost another month later now, this is the latest ticket I have created.
  3. As the title said, I have contacted malwarebytes support for help with an account hijack I have had on my account for months now, meaning I haven't been able to access the product I paid for for months now. My account was hijacked, and the email address changed. I created 2 support tickets: 3424746 and 3469454. On ticket 3424746, I got one reply from staff asking for my first name, last name, and email address at time of billing, which I replied back the exact same day as this reply was sent, then never hearing back from support again. I then created a new ticket a month later (3469454), on this one, which was created on 23rd May, I have yet to receive any reply from support, and my email asking for an update a week ago was also left without a reply. Is any staff on the forums able to help, I have paypal screenshots showing the payments for my 3 4-year licences on this account, showing their order numbers, order date, etc etc. I have all the information required to prove the account is indeed mine and to reclaim it, however I just cannot get a reply from support about this issue for some reason. Help is greatly appreciated, I just want to regain access to malwarebytes premium again. Ryan.
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