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  1. 1. Scan comes in today with 4 positives which I quarantine. 2. To be extra safe I restored system to 9 days ago to "flush" anything unwanted. 3. Malwarebytes scan run again though on an essentially a 9 day old restore which also came up with same 4 positives, which I quarantined. (why didn't it catch this 9 days ago if it's legit?) 4. Restart went ok but user login froze system with all sorts of weird colorful squares on screen, shortly following a prompt that Emby server was being blocked and needed to be allowed internet access (not a normal prompt for my system) 5. System restored again to same 9 day old image, ran Webroot Premium which came up with nothing. Ran Malwarebytes, got warning of 4 positives again (log attached) but ignored quarantine because it was obviously freezing my system. Does this qualify as a false positive? I can't run my computer if I quarantine the items. It seems Emby related, is my best guess? Any help or thoughts appreciated. verify.txt
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