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  1. Myself as well as two of my colleagues are still experiencing this issue, which still only reappears after installing the extension (or at first visit). After that, the problem seems to resolve itself.
  2. On the first visit I'm receiving the error -- After that it does not appear anymore. Reinstalling the extension gives the same issue as can be seen in the attached screenshots
  3. Thank you! We'll keep a close look at this thread for now.
  4. Thanks for the fast reply! We're still getting errors through the Chrome extension -- Does this update automatically, or can we provide any instructions to our customers?
  5. Hello there, our main domain (questionscout.com) as well as our subdomain (form.questionscout.com) have a phishing error. I've also opened a support ticket further explaining the issue (#3488012). We'd like to have our domain available to our customers & their customers. Thank you!
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