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  1. Hi Tom, do you have an ETA on when I can expect a resolution on this issue? Thanks, Alex
  2. Hi Tom, thanks for your quick response on Friday. I'm wondering if you have an update on the review you're carrying out? Thanks, Alex
  3. Hi there, two domains from one of our partners were blocked yesterday. After additional research, we believe this is a false positive. Find below the domains in case which are not flagged anywhere else: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/fc28fa820fbc7182cb0524962709f95ecd643e20579ba4f0ef7e3ffb03631769/detection https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/ff1df430db78f99519b0773ac8a3c307717e84d318c7253741cb141925901015/detection As far as we know there's no issues with these domains or the content in them, we just double check them just in case, but there was nothing wrong with them still. These also have never had issues in the past. Can you please double check them and if all looks good, then remove them from your block list / whitelist them? Thank you, Alex
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