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  1. I have noticed that my desktop is getting slower and hanging on occasions, whilst working on my projects. Viewing Task Manager I find Malwarebytes operating at 980mb of memory stable and constant. Is this extortionate amount of memory usage normal and what can be done to reduce or cap its draw of such high volumes. Lenovo B50 30 Win 8 16gb ram All MWB updates installed as of 19.06.21
  2. After a restart the IG.EXE file i previously blocked to internet asked again to be allowed. Following the allowed treat as system file, it seems to be ok. Also started a scan, but after update i closed it. Then closed MWB. Nothing popped up yet. SO, Explain exactly what 'IG.exe' does and why are you sending back file data this way??
  3. Hi we have completed to update as detailed on link. However it still pops up the message. Can recheck after restart.
  4. Updated to MB ver update pack 1.0.41601 comp. pack 1.0.1318 support tool logs thereafter attached. restart MWB and same issue. Next.. mbst-grab-results.zip
  5. Recent MWB update on Premium account. Crashes out with screen dump pop ups. Is there a Fix ?
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